URGENT: 2020 Auction Coordinator

Auction Coordinator - We Need You!

So many local children benefit from our league and we have one of the best facilities in our district.

But did you know? To run our league it takes…

  • $18,000 in practice field rentals
  • $12,000 in baseballs and softballs
  • $40,000 in uniforms
  • $3,000 in field maintenance
  • $2,000 to families in need
  • $10,000 in insurance
  • Plus the cost of electricity and water to keep the lights on and the grass green?

Player registration fees only covers less than ½ of our expenses and the rest comes from fundraising. We need an amazing volunteer(s) to lead this year's auction! We look forward to raising money for PLL so we can have even more fun in our terrific facilities this year.

Please email" president@pacificlittleleague.com if you would like to join the board of directors as the Auction Chairperson.

2020 Seattle Mariners Grand Slam Camps

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Know that our goal is to build a love of the game and we fully support community baseball. This program is part of our On BASE program (Baseball And Softball Everywhere) which has the goal of building the game. Our belief is our camp will benefit your league as it will grow the game! We will hold camps at Kasch Park, Glacier Peak High School, and for those commuting into Seattle, Lower Woodland Park.

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