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2024 Summer Ball Schedule

Summer Ball FAQ's

Who can play Summer Ball?
Summer Baseball is for kids ages 5-12. (T-ball is available this year for 5-6 year olds).
Summer Softball is for girls 7-13 years old.

Is Summer Ball a good time for kids who have never played baseball?
No. Summer Ball is an extension of the spring season. In essence it's more games for the kids who love the game and want more field time. Teams do not practice, so there is not the developmental growth that is central to spring ball. We encourage kids new to baseball to sign up for the spring season.

Is Summer Ball a good time to play up?
No. As noted above, Summer Ball is an extension of the spring season. There are no practices and/or the developmental experiences kids receive during the spring. We DO NOT ALLOW T-ball kids to play up in Farm, or Farm kids to play in Minors/Majors. They would be frustrated and/or could get hurt.

What Divisions of play are offered for Summer Ball?
Minors/Majors (baseball)
-- 9-12 years old players
-- 8-9'ers, Minors, and Majors (or equivalent)

Farm (baseball)
-- 7-8 years old (co-ed)
-- Farm/Rookie players (or equivalent)

T-Ball (baseball)
-- 5-6 years old (co-ed)
-- T-Ball players (or equivalent)

Rookies/Minors Softball (girls)
-- 7-10 years old

Minors/Majors Softball (girls) -- 10-13 years old

Are there "buddy requests?" Can they play with my friends?
Yes…kinda. We will do our best to honor (1) friend requests**. Be sure to list names of specific friend(s) you would like to play with. You do not have to be a PLL player to play in our summer ball program. Invite new friends to play! We do not enforce league boundaries for summer ball.

**We limit this to 1 friends to keep better players from "stacking/loading" a team with their friends and crushing other teams. We will balance stronger players amongst various teams to keep it competitive and fun for all.

How much does it cost?

$75 for Majors/Minors, Farm, and Rookies

$50 for T-Ball

How do I register?
Registration is open June 1st through July 1st.

Log in to your account here to register your players.

When does it start?
The Summer Ball season usually runs from early July through mid-August.
Game schedules will not be made until after the close of registration.

When and where are games played?
Games usually start at 5 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. T-Ball games may start at 6pm instead of 7pm.
We are planning on playing interleague games with Mukilteo Little League. Games will be played at Lynndale Park, the Mukilteo Little League Complex, or other local fields. Further details TBA.

How many games are played?
Summer teams will play 12 games (2 per week) during the week. No weekend games!

How many players are on a team?
Summer teams are made up of 13-14 players in order to accommodate absence due to busy family summer schedules, but still keep kids on the field and out of the dugout. If teams need an additional player (they have less than 9 show up), registered summer ball players can jump in on other teams to fill in. This is only limited to registered summer ball players.

What rules are enforced, especially in regards to pitching?
Summer Baseball uses the standard rules of the regular season. Majors/Minors will not track pitch counts, but each player can only pitch two innings per week. League age 12 (from the spring season) players will not be allowed to pitch in Majors/Minors Summer Ball.

Can All-Star players (Majors/Minors) play summer ball?
Yes, but If they do play summer ball, all-star team players MUST bat opposite their dominant side (i.e right handed batters must bat from the left side of the plate). *summer ball is for the development of all, especially our younger, less experienced players.
No exceptions to this rule.

Who do I contact with questions?
Summer Baseball - [email protected]
Summer Softball - [email protected]

Can Spring T-Ball players play in summer Farm Baseball?
We're sorry, but we do not allow Spring T-Ball players to play in the Summer Farm League. The Spring Farm season includes many practices and progressive growth to play at the Farm level. Inclusion of T-Ball players in summer farm ball would simply be "dropping" them into the level of these 7-8 year olds at the peak of their play. Our desire is that all players would develop at a healthy rate and not get frustrated and/or hurt as they learn the game of baseball. There will be no exceptions to this position. We hope to see you for the spring Farm season!

T-Ball Summer Baseball
The focus of T-Ball is on having fun and learning the basics of playing baseball. T-Ball is the first tier at PLL where we introduce players to the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, and throwing. T-Ball is open to boys and girls.
--Age: 5 - 6 year olds
--Hitting: Players either hit off a batting tee or soft toss coach pitch
--Field Size: Games are played on a 60-foot base path and teams will play 10 players (four outfielders).
--Ball Type: Safety baseball
--Team Formation: To the best of our ability we will honor (1) "buddy requests" for summer baseball.

Farm Summer Baseball
Farm Ball is the second tier at PLL where we continue to build on the fundamentals of hitting, fielding, and throwing along with learning some of the rules and strategies of baseball. Farm baseball is open to boys and girls.
--Age: 7 - 8 year olds
--Hitting: Players will be hitting off a mechanical pitching machine
--Field Size: Games are played on a 60-foot base path and teams will play 10 players (four outfielders).
--Ball Type: Hard ball
--Team Formation: To the best of our ability we will honor (1) "buddy requests" for summer baseball.

Majors/Minors Summer Baseball
This is an introduction to full baseball with all of the complexities of the game.
--Age: 9 - 12 year olds. 12 year olds are not allowed to pitch in summer baseball.
--Hitting: Players will be hitting off of a player for all 6 innings
--Field Size: The field size is 60-foot base path and pitching is at 46 feet
--Ball Type: Hard ball


--Team Formation: To the best of our ability we will honor (1) "buddy requests" for summer baseball.
**All-Star and/or more advance older players should really consider if summer ball is best for them. It is not as competitive as the spring season, and is more a developmental environment for the 9-11 year old players. Advanced players should likely consider playing on a tournament team or elsewhere through the summer.

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