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2022 Baseball All Star Teams

 2022 Baseball All Star Teams Announced!
 10s  11s  12s  Intermediates  Juniors Seniors 
 Graysen Jaimes Tate Greene   Solomon Macias Andrew Amador  Aksel Forseth  Aaron Hurlbut 
Brady Taffera  Daniel Jensen  Vincent Pena  Cade Huffman Cohen Blomenkamp   Aidan Langford
Marcus Reese  Cooper Remington   Thomas Geving  Cameron Croft  Elias Hawke  Austin Langford
 Reid Scheib Tyler Reeves   Saint Pillsbury  EJ Manning Garrison Grosenback  Brayden Spence 
 Noah Bau Leland Dunc  Parker Elliott   Ezekiel Ratigan Isaiah Kepoo-Sabate  Caleb Braithwaite 
 Jackson Keller  Carson Bishop  Nash Echelbarger  Lance Moua  Jack Gurnee  Carter Huff
 Maxwell Seefried  Henry Maltos  Joaquin Escandon  Nathan Schlack Joel Rixmann  James de Mello 
 James Tracy  Nate Alseth Jacob Kerley  Ryan Davidscourt  Jude Haines   Jayce Miller
 Benjamin Schlack Kingston Kaalekahi   Greyson Blanco Santana Jensen  Kainoa Davis   Jayden Costa
Elijah Griffiths  Kiefter Schwarz   Giacomo Drennan Wes McFarlane  Keegan Wright   Max Everitt
Lucas Moua  Holden Pelan  Colin Schmidt  Xander Pedersen  Maximus Chen   Zachary Amador
Cooper Elliot  Paden Pelan   Brady Sargent Xander Spence  Nicholas Liepins   
August Fisher  Demetrios Geving   Bennett Loeffler   Nolan Steenmeyer   
        Peyton Milleson   

2022 Softball All Star Teams

  2022 Softball All Star Teams Announced!
10s   11s 12s   Juniors
 Lillian McCormick  Payton Aldridge  Hallie Weeks  Abby Bridwell
 Taylor Greco  Mila Hinkle  Noa Gillespie  Hailey Bernards
 Kendall Meucci  Ali Vallez  Helena Marsh  Ali Schell
 Ruby Cretin  Lucy Mcginness  Ellie Anderson  Alanna (August) Akopyan
 Zoey Schaaf  Mackenzie Kempf  Myla D'Ault  Molly Goodman
 Dylan Melton  Abby Bernards  Izzy McFarlane  Amia Sargent
 Isabella Swanson  Carmen Dustin  Arianna Lyon  Sophie Portugal
 Charlotte Younger  Audrey Sommer  Amelie LaPorte-Manahan  Ainsley Reece
 Julia Costa  Olivia Jones  Angelia Pedersen  Zoey Glaros
 Amber Costa  Natalie Steemmeyer  Brooke Bergstrom  Olivia Lahrson
 Layla Lewis  Veronica Kelly  Jacqueline Navarro  Mya Tiegs
 Kylie Tiegs  Juliet Schultz  Zoe de Mello  Taylor Layman
 Elliot Stark  Peyton Warnock  Albee Kelly  

2022 All Star Information

2022 ALL STAR Tryouts & Registration

The Little League All Star process requires your FULL COMMITMENT. We need to make sure you are available for all games and practices. There is a possibility if your Division wins the District, the State, and the Regional championships that our tournament expectations could last through the middle to end of August.

Timeline and Time Commitment: 
Beginning June 5, 2022, I have no scheduled vacations, other sports, camps, outside club, or any other commitments that will interfere with my attendance at practices and games. Most teams will hold practices daily. 
We agree to not schedule vacation or other activities that will interfere with our child’s ability to attend practices and games during the full All-Star period as noted below. All Star Tournaments are double elimination.

Please understand that the completion of tryouts does not assure your child a place on the All Star team. Further, selection to an All Star team is a new process each year. Previous selection to an All Star team does not ensure selection in each successive year.
Key Tryout Dates:
May 22nd:
Intermediates (BB): 5/22 3pm @ Scriber

May 25th:
Juniors (BB): 5/25 5pm @ Scriber

May 26th:
10/11/12/Juniors (SB): 5/26 6pm @ Meadowdale HS Softball

June 3rd:
Seniors (BB): 6/3 7pm @ Edmonds Woodway High School Baseball

June 4th:
12s (BB): 6/4 9am @ Evergreen Playfields E1
11s (BB): 6/4 10am @ EWHS
10s (BB): 6/4 1pm @ EWHS

*Week of June 6: Player selections announced 
Week of June 6: Team meetings and practices begin. Completed eligibility packet due (forms, proof of residency and birth certificate, $160 fee)
*May be earlier depending on program and division

All Star Process Overview

10s, 11s & 12s All Star Player Selection Process:

In the 8-10 (“10s”,) 9-11 (“11s”,) Little League (“12s”,) Intermediate(11-13), Junior (12-14), and Senior (13-16) Divisions, a skills assessment tryout will be utilized. 

1. Each team will hold a separate skills assessment and all players eligible for that team will be invited to participate. Players may be asked to attend a second try out session. If requested, participation in both tryouts is mandatory for selection to a team.

2. Managers from the divisions represented at the assessment will participate in assessing players and give their assessment, along with valuable feedback regarding players’ regular season performance to the All Star team manager for consideration. 

4. The final All Star roster is at the discretion of the All Star Manager, Player Agent, President and appropriate division Vice President(s,) accordingly. All Star teams will carry up to 14 players at the team manager’s discretion. 

Note: There are monetary costs to families associated with the All Star teams.

All Star Manager Selection Process:

1. To qualify as a manager or coach: 

i. For the Little League (“12s”) all star team, the manager and selected coaches must be a manager or coach in the majors or intermediates division, preference will be given to managers in the majors or intermediates division and then coaches in the majors or intermediates division. 

ii. For the 9-11 (“11s”) year old all star team the manager and selected coaches must be a coach or  manager in the majors or minors division, preference will be given to managers and then coaches in the  majors division. 

iii. For the 8-10 (“10s”) year old all star team, the manager and selected coaches must be managers or  coaches from the majors or minors division, preference will be given to managers and coaches in the majors division and managers and coaches in the minors division. 

iv. For the Intermediates all star team, the manager and selected coaches must be a coach or manager in the Intermediate division.

v. For the Junior and Senior all star teams the candidate manager and selected coaches must be a coach or manager in the Junior or Senior division.

iv. All-Star Managers and Assistant Coaches are considered ambassadors of Pacific Little League (PLL).  They must have conducted themselves in exemplary fashion, upholding the values of PLL both on and off the field during the regular season. The All Stars Manager Selection Committee may, by majority  vote, disqualify a candidate from consideration for conduct deemed unbecoming a representative of  PLL. 

1. “Conduct unbecoming a representative” is defined as repeated, observed and documented actions or behaviors which are wholly inconsistent with or violate the values or rules of PLL; behaviors which put PLL, players or coaches at substantial risk; or citation, arrest or conviction of a crime. 

2. The All Stars Manager Selection Committee shall have final authority to declare a candidate ineligible. 

3. In the event that the Committee determines a candidate ineligible, they shall convene a special  session of the Board prior to taking action to remove and or disqualify a candidate from service.  This meeting is advisory only. 

2. The process for a qualified individual to declare their interest to manage an All Star team starts by the third  Friday in April (April 16, 2021), when qualified individuals will submit a letter via email indicating that they are interested in managing an All Star team to the league president. This letter will indicate which age division they are  interested in managing, why they want to manage, and why they feel they are the best person to manage that  team. 

3. The All Stars Manager Selection Committee will collect information about each manager candidate from league  umpires, players, parents, other reputable knowledgeable sources and through direct observation. The  committee will conduct an interview with each qualified manager candidate. 

4. The All Star Manager Selection Committee will recommend their selected candidate assignments to the  President who will present the slate to the Board for final approval. 

5. The candidates will be notified of the selection outcome by the league president once approved by the selection committee and board. 

6. Public announcement of the manager will be made prior to any all star tryouts. 

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